VEIL table

VEIL stands as a testament to the creative collaboration between design studio BUDDE and aluminum expert BWB, with a shared goal of showcasing the richness and diversity of aluminum through an extraordinary interior piece. 

This contemporary table, measuring 250 cm in length, 100 cm in width and 75 cm in height, serves as a multifunctional dining or conference table. Crafted entirely from aluminum, the design presents multiple surface finishes that contribute to its conceptual and visual appeal. 

The most distinct feature of VEIL is the “tablecloth”, a by-hand anodized aluminum sheet. The anodize-painting is carefully applied by Johannes Budde using techniques specially developed by BWB. This artistic technique and process binds the paint firmly into the anodized layer, with “anodizing” referring to the electrolytic oxidation process applied to aluminum. This process not only protects the aluminum from corrosion, but also increases surface hardness and reduces friction when in contact with other materials. Like a work of art, the tablecloth lends vitality and playfulness to the minimalist table. With the same dimensions as the table top, the tablecloth is slightly rotated in its position, which creates the recognizable “hanging edges” on all four sides of the table.

Designed in Germany, made in Switzerland, presented in Italy. The by-hand anodized “tablecloth” makes VEIL a unique artwork while being a functional table.

Crafted entirely from aluminum, VEIL's design showcases a myriad of surface finishes, each contributing to its conceptual depth and visual allure.

Anodizing, the electrolytic oxidation process applied to aluminum, not only safeguards VEIL against corrosion but also enhances its surface hardness, ensuring durability and longevity.