PIANO wash basin

PIANO reimagines the conventional aesthetic and functionality of a wash basin and introduces a new design approach. The vertically arranged marble sheets appear to levitate in the air, concealing the way that the water takes into the drainage system. 

Underneath the stone slabs, a wall-mounted, stainless-steel basin elegantly captures and drains off the water. PIANO transcends its functional purpose to become a captivating sculptural work of art. It elevates the user’s washing ritual by bringing a sense of serenity and tranquility to a daily routine. The wash basin seamlessly complements high-end residential spaces, boutique hotels or showrooms. The concept can be realized with different marble tyles and tailored dimensions to meet the needs of a luxury audience. For cleaning purposes, the stone sheets can either be lifted or pulled up individually.

The PIANO wash basin can be fully customized both in dimensions and stone selection. Each marble slab can be lifted or pulled out individually for cleaning and transport purposes