• in transparent or red-fade
  • 100% pure handcrafted sandstone foot
  • Carefully polished wire glass
  • 65 x 32 x 10cm (height x width x depth)
  • Light beams create prism effect on nearby surfaces
  • Designed & made in Germany


Art piece or design object – LITE playfully explores the limits of physics and breaks with our conditioned viewing habits. An industrial glass, a sandstone base and a “floating” candle are brought into experimental harmony. The industrially produced wired glass awakens to new life in the light of the candle and creates a subtle play of light and shadow on walls behind it. The wired glass through the light of the candle appears in a fluid and unexpectedly amorphous aesthetic. LITE is a play with contrasts of inside and outside, nature and technology, science and spirituality, seeing and imagining.