DREI hook

Introducing DREI, a hook designed by BUDDE for We Do Wood. Created with minimalism at its core, the hooks bring functionality together with a poetic silhouette, seamlessly blending into the modern home.

A wooden 20 cm-long stick is diagonally sliced and the two resulting pieces are marginally offset, as it was captured in motion, a subtle yet essential detail which naturally forms a functional hook to hang clothes or kitchen towels. With a timeless appeal, the hooks can enrich a multitude of settings, from the hallway, kitchen or bedroom.

Coming in a set of three, the hooks can be hung in a linear formation for a simple, refined expression or in a vibrant, dynamic layout for a more playful aesthetic. Thanks to a varied positioning of the slice in each stick, each hook has a distinctive character and provides hanging space at a different height.

Measurements per hook:

20 x 3 x 3 cm

DREI is created out of wood from the Danish woodlands. The Danish woodlands-labelling is a guarantee of a near-nature forestry with gentle harvesting, which preserves biodiversity with a rich wildlife and rich vegetation in an intact forest floor.